Creative Habitat Corp - Wetland Creation and Restoration

Wetland protection laws often require the creation or restoration of wetlands. Creative Habitat's approach to these projects includes a careful initial site assessment to determine important ecological factors in need of consideration during design and construction. The many different wetland types (salt marsh, freshwater, wooded, ephemeral) require an understanding of the hydrology, water quality, salinity, chemistry, seasonality, soils, and of the various foodwebs associated with each. In our view a wetland is significantly more then just a wet spot in the landscape. We treat each wetland as an important constituent in a complicated chain of environments which all interact with one another.

One example of our special attention to critical wetland characteristics was to create a wooded vernal pool (seasonal wetland) as shown in the following picture. Creative Habitat took advantage of the availability of plant material and soils from an existing wetland near the wetland creation site, that was slated for destruction. The entire wetland was salvaged sod-by-sod, transported to the receptor site and reconfigured according to the site specific hydrology there. The result was instantaneous vernal pool habitat.

vernal pool
Natural vernal pool that served as an ecological model for a constructed wetland.

sod salvage
Salvage of wetland sod included large trees, existing soil, and other plants and organisms.

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