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Site Supervision
Creative Habitat Corp. provides experienced guidance and supervision of contractor's work as required by plans and specifications. Inspectors are fully trained ecologists and are familiar with construction procedures and contracting requirements. They are also familiar with soil erosion control methods and best management practices (BMPs). Site supervision can be provided on a short-term as well as long-term basis.

Monitoring reports provide us as well as our clients with insights into the success or failure of a restoration project. These reports are typically provided on a yearly basis and may span several consecutive years of observation and evaluation. Our staff is experienced in collecting hydrological data, soil analysis, plant and animal surveys. Our existing database from previous projects allows comparisons between similar projects and allows us to recommend effective maintenance and management options. Monitoring is accompanied by photographic documentation.

Permit Acquisition
Many of the projects Creative Habitat Corp. pursues involve the partial or complete acquisition of permits under the State Environmental Quality Review process (SEQR). This involves appropriate environmental and literature researches, the completion of various forms, designs, technical information, plans, and contact with a variety of regulatory agencies on the federal, state and local level. Typically we apply for permits mitigating the destruction of natural areas caused by necessary infrastructure and development projects, such as the building of large facilities, roads, or sewer lines. Creative Habitat Corp. pursues projects with a significant "environmental benefit" component to the proposed action.

Specification Writing
Specification writing ranges from product specifications to site protection and maintenance instruction. We provide full scale construction specifications for tidal and fresh water wetland restoration, for ecological restoration and soil bioengineering, including salvage, avoidance, recycling, composting, plant protection, soil and water analysis requirements, nutrient and soil specifications, soil treatment, site and plant protection, erosion and sediment control, construction sequencing, scheduling, installation instructions, materials and plant specifications, product guidance, guarantees and warrantees, maintenance, best management practices (BMPs), documentation and monitoring.

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